Chairman's Message

NexToys will place marketing at the center of its management strategy and provide customers with value based on new types of play. While building a new business model within harsh market conditions, NexToys CO., LTD. aims to become a unique company in the toy industry. Our future prosperity depends on our success in forging a strategy based on differentiation and creating new value for our customers. As illustrated by our Brain Trainer products, we actively pursue businessalliances with partners both inside and outside the toy industry. it is essential to maintain management agility and speed in response to rapidly changing markets. We must be early in sensing changes in market wants and needs as well as new technology trends. NexToys is a people-oriented company. As a company that does not possess its own factories or production facilities, the core of our business comprises planning, development and marketing. We place particular emphasis on the intuition of our employees and utilizing the innovation based on this intuition. We have introduced a Producer System, through which considerabledecision-making authority and responsibility are given to staff in the areas of product planning, development and marketing. We also encourage employees and outside parties to submit ideas and suggestions for products, operational improvements and reform.

In these ways we are striving to create new markets. This is a business model that constantly works to find new value, which is fundamentally different from the traditional toy industry model. We see our operational and management approach as totally new to the toy business. We focus our efforts on developing new markets, rather than trying to create one-off hit products. Right from the product development stage, we envisage how the product will be adapted for global markets. During this process we endeavor to build strategic alliances with both domestic and overseas partners, with those from inside and outside the toy industry and with companies both related and unrelated to our corporate Group.

The market of consumers seeking new ways to play is a universal one-transcending generational age and cultural barriers. While aiming to build a state-of-the-art management model, we strive to satisfy the eternal thirst for fun and contribute to the creation of a society that nourishes the human spirit and imagination. We look forward to your support in these endeavors.

Saqib Rashid
President & C.E.O